Marion Area Chamber Members, schedule a free energy cost analysis with an energy expert. 

Whether you're in a contract or evaluating your options, this program has helped businesses like yours save through identification of billing errors and improved contract terms.

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We'll review your energy charges to identify excess charges and rate errors. After that, we'll check for rate savings. Then we'll identify your potential savings and explain your options.

We'll Help You Find Potential Savings

Your free analysis includes review of your energy invoices and contract terms. This ensures accuracy of the billed rate and that tariffs and taxes are being charged correctly.

Tax and Line Item Errors. Utility billing mistakes can be costly and require industry knowledge to identify. This review can help.

Rate Issues. Are you being billed according to your supply contract? Is the rate you're being charged appropriate or are there better options available? Find out.  

Calculation Mistakes. Common issues include meter problems, overlapping or gaps in billing dates, estimated readings, and excessively long or short billing periods.

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